The highest ceramic in Italy   Our headquarters in Madonna di Pietravolta (MO), 1200 m above sea level
Active for over forty years in the production of traditional double-fired ceramics and related decorations. From March 2017, thanks to the commitment of its workers and the fundamental help of Legacoop Estense, it has created Ceramica Alta Soc.Coop which, in addition to continuing its traditional production, has invested in technological innovation by introducing a new line of glazing, complete with digital machine, for the enamelling of coatings and production of decorations in large sizes.


The major companies operating in the ceramic sector rely on us for the realization of their Collections.

Our production can adapt to both classic and modern tastes, providing decorations and effects realized both through digital technologies and manually.

Our goods can be shipped quickly throughout Italy, both for packages and pallets.



Graphic Design

Our graphic department is dedicated to the design of new decorative textures and modules to enrich the collections.

Various types of format

We study the various types of formats both for coverings and floors. We work on 10×10 cm, 20×60, 30×30 cm and 33×33 cm. We also make precomposed compositions and mosaics.

Traditional double-fired white pasta, red pasta and porcelain stoneware

We perform the cooking by roller oven.

Color laboratory

Our technicians carry out color tests, and samples, realize colors from raw materials and semi-finished products.


Some of our collections are enriched with third-fire decorations such as glazes and lustres, giving each piece value and uniqueness.

Hand painted decorations

Hand painted decorations even the pieces of the most modern collections can be made unique by direct painting finishes, performed by our staff.

Decorations with digital technologies

Our Collections can be decorated with silk-screen printing or ink-jet printing.