Tradition and Professionalism
The Ceramica Alta is active, from about forty years, in the market of quality ceramic production, in the segment of coatings, decorations and special pieces. Always attentive to the continous evolution of taste and fashion trend, has formed a team of in-house research that has enabled the Company to create products in traditional double‐ firing, enhancing colours, surface effects and exclusive hand decorated special pieces. Everything was made possible thanks to the stability of the Property and its management over the years, which has enabled long-term view projects of technological innovation and to partecipate to European research studies related to quality and to the particular characterization of the product.
Production and Service
lOur Company provides its customers with the full range of products related to the coating of merit. The production line, particularly differentiated, is able to meet the demands of our customers in a complete and exclusive way. We are able to provide, in addition to the traditional formats: mosaics, moldings, strips, dots and a full range of special pieces to realize, too, masonry. The production process of ceramic art craft allows us to offer to our customers a wide variety of floor areas, colours and sizes. The beautiful decorations, rigorously hand-made, complete the range allowing ample opportunity to customize the proposal. Our Company is also able to satisfy requests from small amounts, in bulk, via courier shipments, and present itself as the ideal partner for agility of structure, flexibility, reliability and completeness of service.
A Clean Heart
Also due to its location 'top ridge of the Apennines', in the area of environmental merit, to the limit of a regional park, our Company, as always, has carefully applied the stringent regulations for the respect of environment. This particular was not seen as a constraint or of further difficulty, if anything, we are proud to assert that it's part of our history and our future. This is demonstrated by the fact that we are making the renovation of the roof of our factory incorporating solar panels into the slopes. We are also considering further possibilities, in order to save energy, through the production of wind energy. It's already in function a wind monitoring station, to monitor the phenomenon and to define the operational possibilities.